Our Mission

Our mission is driven by the desire to create a team…

i. "With the goals to inspire/empower and be a resource to under-served communities in Arizona, regardless of socio-economic status, culture, language, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age ."

ii. "Where our strength will be our diversity, where we are not only interested in teaching the community, but also learning from it."

iii. "That supports professional and personal growth and development, with a proactive approach to reach out to the design and construction community to enrich knowledge of industry practices.

iv. "That strives to increase the number of women and minorities in our profession, and to help advance their careers in an upward trajectory and extract each individual’s potential.

v. "That is welcoming, a resource, reliable, educated, sustainably minded and encourages fellowship/social awareness."

Founding Members

Gary J. Nelson AIA, NCARB

Malak Orra-Saleh

Sidney Smith, AIA, NCARB

Maurita Harris, AIA, NCARB

Greg Miller

Deirdre Rowles

Abraham James III

Varnell Smith

Sophia Urbaez

Andrew Saleh

Steven McLeod

Anthony Floyd, FAIA

Esteban Loya

Olga Bracamontes

Jon C. Christopher

Victor Irizarry

Carlos A Murrieta

In the Memory of John Williams, AIA,NCARB