A Statement of Solidarity from NOMAarizona:


In the wake of the deaths, mistreatment and  violence taking place in our country over the last few days, we feel necessary to call for awareness, unity and strength. 


Let us pray for life of George Floyd, Breona Taylor, Brian Quinones, Ahmaud Arbery and for the ongoing list of those who have been hurt, harmed, brutalized, mistreated and killed. We feel outraged. It is difficult to comprehend and understand the pain of those that must live and walk in fear. We must stand together. Now more than ever,  we must stand up,  stay together and make a difference in the fight against racism, as Michelle Obama so eloquently put, ‘when they go low, we go high’, we are our best tool to fight inequality.


We encourage you all to be there for your community, help where help is needed and pray for the families that are suffering. We are all dealing with this rage and sadness among a global pandemic,  we pray for strength and perseverance to grow within each and every one of you.


We are a family, a community and will get through this difficult time. That is the grace we see in every one of our members, we’re proud of each one of you for continuing to support each other no matter what the situation.


There will be a time when events like this will no longer be part of our reality. 


Please take every necessary precaution during this time to stay safe and stay healthy. Let us all support each other and love each other through this undignified chain of events.


Remember,  Our Strength is Our Diversity!





NOMAarizona's Executive Board:

Carlos A. Murrieta - President
Sophia Urbaez - Vice President
Ricardo Millhouse - Treasurer
Kenneth Webb - Secretary
Eduardo Robles-Historian/Parliamentarian
Gary J. Nelson - Immediate Past President


networking MIXER



May 21, 7-8pm ET

Feat. Diana Jacobs (NOMAaz) on her 2019 NOMA Phil Freelon Professional Design Award-winning work.


NOMA ALL In Online Event
Part 1: Built & Unbuilt Work

May 28, 7-8pm ET

Feat. Diana Jacobs (NOMAaz) on her 2019 NOMA Phil Freelon Professional Design Award-winning work.


NOMA ALL In Online Event
Part 2: Vision, Small Project, Historic Preservation/Restoration/Renovation


Changing Hands

Networking Mixer






NOMA AZ's first chapter Virtual Happy Hour. 

Even during this unprecedent time, some of our members still had positive news to share; engagement, family addition, new hobbies such as gardening or making music (ask Gary about this one). 

It was good to see faces of the NOMA AZ family.

Dear NOMA Arizona members,


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread with unprecedented impact to NOMA Arizona staff, members, and community, we have made plans and contingencies that will enable us to fulfill our commitments to our members and supporting the national and local efforts to limit the exposure to the COVID-19.  


As part of this effort, we have decided to postpone any of all our upcoming events until further notice to reduce such risk and exposure.


Our executive board will coordinate to provide our next chapter meeting(s) via Virtual Infrastructure to be defined, which could include Skype, GoToMeeting or similar resources.


We along with NOMA national are closely monitoring recommendations from the city, county and state officials, and World Health Organization (WHO).


Please stay safe, it all depends on us, so keep in mind and follow simple principles:


•           Wash your hands frequently.

•           Don’t touch your face, mouth, or eyes.

•           Stay home if you are feeling ill.

•           Stay away from those who are sick.

•           Avoid large crowds of people especially in enclosed spaces.


Please stay home if you are sick or experiencing any symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, or fever.


For up-to-date information on coronavirus please visit coronavirus.gov.



Thank you and the best for all of you during this time.


Carlos A. Murrieta, NOMA, AIA

p r e s i d e n t

Isaac E Imes.jpg
Isaac E Imes.jpg

Isaac E Imes with NOMA seeking Volunteers & donations

Internship opportunites


AZ Kids Build with NOMA seeking Volunteers

Build Us Hope with NOMA seeking Donations


NOMarizona President, Gary J. Nelson, has been getting the word out about our chapter! You can listen to his interview on KJZZ Radio’s “The Show” with Paige Phelps.